If the names on the label
Make the Tower of Babel
Seem easy to understand,
Then what’s in the stuff
Could just be a bluff:
You hold an unknown in your hand.

The names are so long
You pronounce them all wrong
And it’s hard to find out what they are.
They might make some bold claims
But their only clear aims
Are to sell you some gunk in a jar.

And the more you find out
Well, the more you must doubt
That the stuff is quite harmless. Actually…
That miracle cream
Might be just a bad dream
Full of chemicals brewed in a factory!

Now the odds are quite high
Though they promise the sky
They’ll end up being bad for the earth
And when fish have to die
‘Cos of stuff that we buy
It is clear we’ve paid more than it’s worth.

With RAspect we have tried
To make sure you’re supplied
With sunscreen you know you can trust.
Just some natural oil,
Mineral zinc from the soil…
Our claim that they’re good is robust.

We use wax made by bees
Brew our own Rooibos teas
With water straight out of a spring.
It’s so good you can eat it
You really can’t beat it
And it comes in a cool handy tin.

We use only wholesome ingredients that respect your body, the oceans and the earth.
Each ingredient is carefully selected for it’s multiple benefits and we work hard to source the purest, least processed, and most ethically produced ingredients we can find.
The result is a product so healthy you can eat it, that smells delicious, nourishes and protects your skin, and releases nothing toxic into the environment. Good on you!

Ingredients list

Surf Salvation and Every Day Dream Cream:
Organic Mozambiquan coconut oil, castor bean oil, zinc oxide (18.6% by weight), raw local Cape beeswax, organic fair-traded cocoa from Southern Africa, essential oils of vanilla and cinnamon leaf
Every Day Dream Cream also contains:
Rooibos tea brewed using Table Mountain spring water, non-GM soya lecithin and food grade vegetable glycerin

Organic Mozambiquan coconut oil

Coconut oil has a natural SPF of about 8 and is exceptionally moisturising and healing. It penetrates well to protect the skin at a deep level and has multiple health benefits. Most coconut oil travels from Indonesia, Malaysia or the Philippines. We choose organic coconut oil from nearby Mozambique instead.

Castor bean oil

Castor bean oil has a natural SPF of around 6 and is extremely water resistant. As well as having loads of skin conditioning benefits, it helps protect Raspect from washing off in the water, and helps lock in your skin’s own moisture and protect it from the drying effects of the air, the wind, the sun and the salt.

Zinc oxide (18.6% by weight)

Zinc oxide is widely recognized as the only truly safe broad spectrum sun screen. It provides a physical barrier to both UVA and UVB rays, without the use of dubious or dangerous chemicals. Zinc oxide is even safe to eat in small doses. It is recommended for children and those with sensitive skin, and is in fact soothing to any skin irritation. Both RAspect SURF SALVATION and RAspect EVERY DAY DREAM CREAM use an 18.6% concentration of zinc oxide to provide a very high level of both UVA and UVB protection.

Raw local Cape beeswax

Beeswax is a wonderful gift of nature and the beehive. It has a natural SPF of 15 and heals, nourishes, moisturises and protects the skin from the harshness of the elements. Beeswax helps RAspect stay on in the water for hours. Our beeswax comes straight from local Cape beehives.

Local organically grown fair-traded cocoa

Cocoa is packed with antioxidant power to boost your skin’s natural defences. It also adds a dash of natural colour and the delicious scent (and flavour) of real chocolate to RAspect. We use local, fair traded and organically grown cocoa.

Essential oils of vanilla and cinnamon leaf

Both these therapeutic essential oils provide healing and antioxidant properties and delicious aromas. Cinnamon leaf is renowned for protecting the skin against sun damage.

Rooibos tea brewed from Table Mountain spring water

Rooibos is renowned for its antioxidant value and skin soothing properties and is also good at protecting the skin from sun burn.

Non-GM soya lecithin

Soya lecithin is moisturising and protective, helps bind the ingredients together into a lovely creamy consistency, and allows for good skin penetration.

Food grade vegetable glycerin

Glycerin protects your skin from dryness by helping to keep moisture in. It also adds softness smoothness to both the cream and your skin, and protects the cream from turning bad.