RAspect Surf Salvation

A specially formulated sunscreen for surfers and all water loving sun-worshippers

  • Effective protection against the sun
  • Waterproof
  • Doesn't run off into or sting your eyes
  • Lasts 2 hours before needing reapplication
  • Doesn't eat your wetsuit's neoprene
Howzit RAspect! I'm super stoked with the sunblock! Been using it along the whole of the SA coast and now currently in Namibia! Thanks so much.
Dale Staples
WQS Surfer
  • Organic Mozambiquan coconut oil
  • Castor bean oil
  • Natural zinc oxide (18.6% by weight)
  • Local Cape beeswax
  • Local organic fair-traded cocoa
  • Vanilla essential oil
  • Cinnamon leaf essential oil
  • Apply to face, neck and ears before entering water
  • You don’t need much – it shouldn’t be noticeably white when applied
  • Re-apply after 2 hours
  • If cold, rub a pea-sized ball of Surf Salvation between your fingers to warm it up and soften it, then apply.

If the sea is the place Where you go to have fun,
And you spend lots of time Playing out in the sun,

You need sunscreen that oughta Stay on in the water.
This stuff is the bomb ‘Cos it really stays on!

It will nourish your skin While you play in the ocean
You can safely stay in And enjoy all the motion.

It won’t wash away It’ll stay on all day,
While the waves come and go And the tides ebb and flow.

It is made of good things That don’t do any harm
So you and the earth Won’t get hurt by this balm.

It won’t damage the coral In fact, the whole moral
Is to do only good Like we all really should.

You might find it quite firm When it’s still in the tin
But it gets nice and soft When applied to your skin.

It will soothe you, what’s more, If you’re chaffed or you’re sore.
It’s the best you can buy And it smells just like chai!

Dale Staples
Howzit RAspect! I’m super stoked with the sunblock! Been using it along the whole of the SA coast and now currently in Namibia! Thanks so much.

Mike Schlebach
Have been using the block you gave me… great stuff!

Greg Bertish
This stuff is amazing! One tin has lasted me a year and it rocks

Tereza, Kom Surf:
“I had very positive feedback so far… from surfers who are all totally stoked as they surf for hours and their skin is not even slightly red. Well done with such an amazing product! We sold yesterday alone 5 units… All surfers need desperately a proper sunblock and this one seems to be the one.”

Tony Budden, Hemporium
“As a surfer that spends many hours in the African sun and salty seas, finding a product that doesn’t harm my skin or the environment is always great, and most importantly it works and lasts for hours in the water.”