RAspect is safe and natural nourishing mineral sunscreen cream that works

We create RAspect following four simple principles:

First do no harm

RAspect consists entirely of completely safe, wholesome ingredients and is harmless to people, coral, and the rest of the ocean and earth. RAspect is safe for everyone, from babies to the aged and including anyone with sensitive skin. RAspect is so good for you that you can eat it. Really you can. RAspect is made in small batches, with love and care, by hand. It's packaged in a returnable, reusable and completely recyclable tin.

Solid Sun Protection

RAspect provides a high level of protection against both UVA rays (the ones that can cause skin aging) and UVB rays (the ones that can cause sun burn). It is also not just a sunscreen: it is protective, moisturising, soothing and healing. Use it to help soothe, treat and protect against rashes, chaffing, cuts and grazes as well as block out sunburn.

For Surfers, by surfers

RAspect is a sunscreen specially formulated for surfers. It doesn't run. It doesn't sting your eyes. It doesn't corrode the neoprene of your wetsuit. It stays on in the water for a good few hours before you need to re-apply. Equally important, it respects the ocean, so it doesn't destroy reefs, fish - or anything actually. We think that's the least we can do.

Ra Ra RAspect

We humans weren’t made To stay stuck in the shade.
We have our best fun When we’re out in the sun!

And while it is true that we have to take care,
We should still not be fooled when we choose what to wear.

For too long we’ve been told While some junk we’ve been sold
That this chemical slime Will protect us just fine.

Well, the fish don’t agree Nor the coral, you see,
And now scientists learn That it’s worse than sunburn!

Yes: the chemical brew That poisonous stew
Is plain bad news for you And the whole planet, too.

Now there’s no need to fret When you use your RAspect
Cos it’s made of good stuff And a whole lot of love

So protect your own skin PLUS the planet we’re in.