Kia Fenton of Limn Surf published this glowing review… Good on you Kia!

“In May I decided to buy myself a tin of Raspect sunscreen. I was sick of the harsh chemicals in regular store bought sunscreens and wanted something natural to put on my face. I’ve tried using zinc but I found it clogged my pores and was very difficult to remove. I wanted something that was natural, would stay on for at least a 2 hour surf, gave me full protection from the sun and would wash off easily with a gentle face wash.

When I received my 60g tin I ordered from Faithful to Nature I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t last very long, It’s been 6 months now and there is still at least 1/2 or more still left. I surf about 4 times on average a week and my sister and boyfriend have been “borrowing” some Raspect when they go surf too. So it certainly goes a long way and its not expensive when you compare it to other sunscreens and how fast they get used up.

As for protection I am so impressed with this product. I haven’t been sunburnt once and it lasts really well too. The longest session I’ve had while wearing Raspect is just over 3 hours, and it didn’t budge at all. One thing I hated about other sunscreens is how oily they are and how they make my skin break out. After a surf I can literally just rinse this product off with warm water and bit of soap and my skin feels better than before I put it on.

Raspect is made from coconut oil (organic, virgin), castor oil, beeswax (raw, locally sourced), cocoa (fair trade), zinc oxide (18.6% concentration), and vanilla & cinnamon essential oil. It comes in a plastic free tin which is fantastic for the environment and is made in South Africa.

All in all this is a fantastic product and I would highly recommend it. The only negative thing I have to say about Raspect is it smells so darn good it makes me want to eat it!

I got mine from Faithful to Nature but you can find it at your local surf shop.”

(Published 27 October 2017 on

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