To keep it in we chose a tin,
A metal skin that’s strong and thin.
We really think this tin’s a win
So please don’t toss it in the bin.

Search your mind and you might find
Some uses of another kind.
It’s good for storing little things
Like stamps and pins and diamond rings.

For herbs and spice it’s very nice,
Or use it for your lucky dice.
So use your tin to keep stuff in.
To throw it out would be a sin.

And when one day you have to say,
“Please! Take some of these tins away!
The time has come (though tins are fun)
I cannot keep another one!”

Oh what to do? Well, here’s a clue:
Just turn it into something new!
Tin’s very easy to recycle.
Presto! Here’s a unicycle!

A robot man, a caravan,
A fancy flapjack frying pan!
Or maybe just a new tin can;
It could end up where it began…

So send us your empty!
In fact, send us plenty.
We’ll be ever so pleased
With the tins we receive.

If you can collect
Twelve tins of RAspect,
We’ll be SO impressed
That we’ll need your address

To send you a new one.
That’s right: a new full one!
So go get a dozen
Ask your aunt and your cousin

To help you collect
Those twelve tins of RAspect.

If you return 12 clean empty tins to us, we’ll send you a new Surf Salvation or Every Day Dream Cream on the house! (Only in South Africa)

To return a tin or twelve to us, please contact us!