Those plastic tubes
Of chemical lubes
Spell mess in the ocean
A poisonous potion.

Tiny pieces of plastic
(This may sound fantastic)
Are mistaken for food
But they aren’t any good.

They get eaten by fish
Some land up in your dish
And your nice seafood dinner
Will not be a health winner.

When some chemical gloop
Spoils your great mussel soup
Then it may be too late
To get gunk off your plate.

It is time we all thought
‘Bout the stuff that we bought:
When we throw it away
It is still here to stay.

It’s all part of the world
Everything made and sold.
A big reason why
To take care what you buy.

Glass is better by far
But to carry by car
(Or by ship, train or plane)
Takes a whole heap of strain.

It weighs quite a lot
So takes more than a tot
Of our precious earth’s oil
That lies under the soil.

To burn all that gas
To move all that glass
Pumps out poisonous smoke
That makes living things choke.

A tin weighs much less
So there’s less of a mess,
But to move it around
And dig it from the ground

Still takes from the planet
So please… don’t just can it!

It’s great to choose a sun cream that respects your body, coral reefs, the ocean and the whole natural environment!…

But what about the packaging the product comes in?

Plastic pollution is a scourge on marine environments in particular and we feel strongly that we can’t be any part of that. Glass is heavy and breakable and just not suitable for a product you want to be able to carry around with you anywhere, any time.

We’ve chosen a lightweight tin as the best way to hold your RAspect.

Tinplate is the most easily recyclable material and can be completely recycled an indefinite number of times. It is also light, saving energy in transport.

Even better than recycling, you can hang onto your RAspect tin to reuse for any number of purposes, like storing herbs.

Or, return your tin to us (nice and clean please) and we’ll reuse it ourselves. In fact, if you return 12 clean and empty RAspect tins, we’ll give you a new full one free of charge! It’s our way of saying, “Good on you!”